We are a California-based company located in the heart of Orange County. Wholewoof was created because we wanted something healthier for our dogs. Soon after we adopted Nala, our sassy Shiba Inu started developing health problems- from allergies to stomach issues. I wanted to know what was in the food I gave my dogs.

So, we decided to start with dog biscuits and dehydrated treats and we are continuously researching to provide the healthiest dog treats available.

In 2018, we have also released our own Wholewoof apparel, which has been a passion of mine. Inspired by our own little pups, we are proud to say that we design and manufacture using only the highest quality materials available.


When our dogs Simba and Nala came into our life, it has completely changed us inside and out. They give us unconditional love and happiness which is indescribable.Our constant search for the best and healthy pet products was always a passion. Shortly after my husband and I adopted Nala, she started having health issues that started with skin infection, allergies, sensitive stomach and etc. We became more health conscious realizing that the food and toys we give our dogs can play a big role affecting their health. As a pet parent, we want to share and make your search for the healthiest pet products fun and easy as possible.